Friday, December 14, 2018

How Many Times? Friday pop out after submitting my latest novel week.

It's Friday night,
My life is so whippin' tight,
That I won't go out
Trying to hold on to
The dream,
Where Friday nights,
Once again,
Reign supreme,
Tropical dreams,
Full of sunbeams,
Money woes gone,
Singing my song,
I was wronged,
Put in this tangled
So I can still,
Let out my song,
Against the wrong,
Another story,
Another time,
Doesn't have to rhyme,
To be worth the dime,
Just has to chime,
Into the minds,
Of others like you,
Living the life of
Beef stew,
Okay gotta go,
Trying a poker game,
To get through.

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