Wednesday, January 23, 2019

To all the broke writers out there...good news!


I used to have friends ask for my creative writing stories when I was younger and that was pretty cool. But recently after deciding to self publish a couple of my favorite novels, I think tons of real readers out there reading your book and liking it is even better.

But I wanted to let all the writers out there know that you don't need to have the hundreds of dollars to promote your book if you self publish. I started to think that was the case and to tell you the truth I thought it might be hopeless.

I don't have the money to spend on promotion and when I put The Earthlings up on Amazon and made it free I didn't have enough time to even put it up on those free sites that give you a listing. I only used social media, Google +, Reddit and Twitter to announce the first novel within less than a week I had an incredible reaction.

My Kindle freebie period of only 48 hours on The Earthlings resulted in 169 downloads and lots of readers on Kindle Unlimited. Also it placed The Earthlings at #3 on the days it was free and since then it has been steadily rising up to almost crack the top 100 on Amazon in the category overall.

So if you think you don't have the money to promote your book and thus there is no hope forget that idea. If you write a good story and readers like it then social media and grassroots support will respond. The Earthling is living proof of that. So write on!

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