Thursday, November 14, 2019

Another Step Forward as a Writer

I have entered the quagmire of being a writer, experiences analyzed defining what I will do next. I avoid the deep because that isn't where I want to go when I go down my own rabbit hole. I want adventure, thrills and fun. That took awhile for me to appreciate, when I was a kid I was scared of roller coasters. Now I am an aficionado, well I was, maybe not anymore, I already defeated that hill of fear but I will still accept a ride on an interesting roller coaster. And to this day I still warmly remember my dad saying it's okay that I don't want to ride the roller coaster as a kid being chided by my old sisters and cousins.

I am amazed on how much money I can now survive on. That took practice, I didn't come from big money but my upbringing gave me a close look at life at the top from a very young age even though that wasn't my life. I did the things that I could replicate how those people got to that point. I actually made it to the, I think it was 2%, because even I was surprised by it.

But damn were their people that hated that fact. I mean downright hate, the real stuff where people spend so much of their own time hating you for it that I think it sends Ravens. Don't get me started on that one. I fought for the good and the good life through it all, every turn, every up and every down and sometimes damn, I mean, my head was just above water. The one I trusted enough to marry had let me and our three kids down to satisfy his own perverted sexual desires. I had become the valiant knight my kids could rely on but the fight against the hate of succeeding at that made things that had gotten better, worse.

I didn't understand that these people weren't kids anymore, they had made their decisions about what they would do for work in their lives and so had I. I just spent more time being a starving student to get where I got. But I wanted to live with everyone else, you know, where I started. My hood, we all have one. I'm pretty sure at this point that I represented in their minds the one that meant they hadn't done enough with their own lives. Their own sadness, guilt, laziness, whatever. So they attacked and attacked and I ignored them, then I fought back, then I did the civil thing and it ended everything finally and I even got one apology from one of those lunatics.

So I wished for a happy ending after all that drama and frankly real pain and suffering. People are crazy, they are and we all have to live through that. But this felt over the top, like too many things did but I got through them all. Or so I thought.

Okay wait, I have to admit, I have had more than a few drinks and some weed too. Don't worry I can handle it and I always do. I am known for it in places I am known. Anyway, these additions have me rambling and I just might delete this tomorrow, who knows? I've deleted a few things. But I think my track record for not deleting what I posted is way bigger.

Okay back to it, so off I went having slain the dragon again and another dragon came nonetheless. After that dragon, frankly the fire was too hot and too much and the dragon won. So I fell down and down and down until I landed into all I have left is writing to survive. Literally, survive. Yep that last dragon took away everything and all I had was my computer, literally. I don't even have an ID anymore but police don't look at people like me. For those that think it's my color they are wrong, it's my age. They stop hassling you once you grow older because young people, you are for the most part the trouble makers and the start to real criminals, so police focus on you.

That's two Okays, so I won't be doing another one. Okay, wait, why does that word keep popping up? Do I want your acceptance, approval? Of course I do, I'm a writer, without you the last thing on earth I can do will lead to nothing and nowhere.

But what have I learned almost one year; I am literally close to my January 29th one year anniversary at being an indie author. First, you need marketing money, when I had it my success was going through the roof and when I didn't they went to crickets.

So I am going to finish my science fictions series that I'm working on now and almost to the end of book two, and then I am going to write screenplays. I need less money to enter contests for screenplays then it takes to keep up the marketing on books every month. It doesn't mean I won't write more novels, it just means I am taking a break from writing novels. I need to get back what was wrongly ripped from me by criminals that had zero morality as no criminal has. Maybe they do if they are ever reformed, but they surely don't when they are still engaged in being a criminal.

I digress again so yah i might delete this tomorrow No tags, no push, just this post, my writers rabbit hole fueled by chemicals as well as society and my own messed up experiences. Can't believe  kid who was 15 became a school shooter today it makes me want to drop everything and go around to schools and tell my story of not giving up despite the odds and always being in the fight no matter what happens. That is the writer's life too so I fit right in with this group.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Working on my next project a Science Fiction series novel.

I am really excited to be on book two of my next release that will be a Science Fiction novel series. I was planning on three books but not sure yet, it might be two. I am not a planner I write and decide where it goes while I write. If you think that's crazy so did Ray Bradbury so my method is in good company.

It's coming along great I love the story and I have a great idea on the book format. I will also be writing the first piece of this novel as a spec script and probably submitting it to competitions or ???

It's been harder to keep focused this week because my comedy script was performed live and I will be getting the video by the end of this week! I can't wait to see it of course and I will be sharing it here and everywhere else I am active on the internet including social media and forums happily.

After being a victim of a significant crime finding my new purpose has been a journey and every instance of almost giving up because I don't have tons of marketing money, ends up with another writing success that pushes me onward. I am glad that since my ads have been down though my stats on Amazon have been plummeting, in individual categories they are staying strong. Hopefully soon I can pay Amazon and get my ads rolling again because when they were, the books were rocking up the charts.

Whatever happens I accept this as my new destiny. It actually started here, writing was my passion from a very very young age but my upbringing was anti-art as a viable career option. I acquiesced but oddly enough I might in the end thank the criminals who with their crime against me got me writing fiction again as my only survival tool.  I sure hope so. Thanks for listening to my rant.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

The result of the Script Pipeline contest are in..

PDPics from Pixabay 

After seeing an ad for a free screenplay contest from Script Pipeline I wrote a thriller script and entered it. I didn't get to the quarter finals but there were 5500 entries! But yesterday I found out Script Pipeline scored my script and that score was put up on CoverFly. CoverFly is the site I submitted my screenplay to Script Pipeline through.

I was amazed that my first script got a high score and high enough to rank it #3 for Thriller TV 1/2 hour for the week, #3 for Thriller TV 1/2 for the month and #4 Thriller TV 1/2 hour for the YEAR!

That news has solidified my path as a writer as I was having my doubts after I couldn't afford to keep up the big money advertising that was increasing my reads and sales exponentially but without it's crickets.  I am on Chapter 8 on my latest science fiction novel and this week will be jumping back in. In just a couple of weeks from now the video of my other script a Comedy TV 1/2 hour will be coming out and I can't wait to see it and share it with everyone.

So just before the precipice seemed too high to climb, great news came in to keep me writing full time. So thanks Script Pipeline and thanks CoverFly, whatever I write next and from this day forward you will get the credit for keeping me motivated to do it.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A BIG Thank you to

I was happy to be invited to do an interview for they had very different questions. They are a great site so check them out. If you would like to check out my interview go here :

Friday, August 16, 2019

To all the impatient indie authors

Like me, heck like most of us, we want a quick result. But don't blame yourself, I'm not, because that is what seems should happen given what we all have seen before becoming an indie author.

I read a post on Goodreads a few weeks ago and it talked about the "successful plan" that a big publisher enacted to get a new book to soar once it was released. The article was written as if any one of us could replicate it but on it's face that wasn't true. First, they had massive connections already established with a giant herd of those that "write reviews". They also had the cash to send all the books out to everyone of them and tens of thousands of dollars to do even more advertising announcing the reviews they received before the actual launch from their established network.

My heart sunk when I read this, it seemed the odds were against indie authors like me that don't have stacks of cash like big publishers do, or the large network of those that given a book will not only review it but also publish that review in a significantly large circulation publication. 

In time and thinking more about it I realized that being an indie author that is making sales and getting reads regularly on all my books is a stellar magnificent achievement because it didn't have that large net of publicity and still my books are making it. It's been now almost 8 months since I launched as an indie author and at this point my books get reads and sales every day even without Amazon reviews.

I am at chapter five on my next novel and ultimately decided I would write the novel before I write the screenplay. The reason I decided that is because it's my roots and though writing screenplays is fun and I did finish two of them, it's time to return to the novel. When the novel is done and launched I will write the screenplay for it, I think.

So if you are an indie author that like all of us have those moments of wondering whether you can ever get there being indie, you can. It takes longer because we don't have stacks of cash but if you have a good story those stories will be found by readers. Just keep at it so they can all find your great book!

Another Step Forward as a Writer

I have entered the quagmire of being a writer, experiences analyzed defining what I will do next. I avoid the deep because that isn't wh...