Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Working on my next project a Science Fiction series novel.

I am really excited to be on book two of my next release that will be a Science Fiction novel series. I was planning on three books but not sure yet, it might be two. I am not a planner I write and decide where it goes while I write. If you think that's crazy so did Ray Bradbury so my method is in good company.

It's coming along great I love the story and I have a great idea on the book format. I will also be writing the first piece of this novel as a spec script and probably submitting it to competitions or ???

It's been harder to keep focused this week because my comedy script was performed live and I will be getting the video by the end of this week! I can't wait to see it of course and I will be sharing it here and everywhere else I am active on the internet including social media and forums happily.

After being a victim of a significant crime finding my new purpose has been a journey and every instance of almost giving up because I don't have tons of marketing money, ends up with another writing success that pushes me onward. I am glad that since my ads have been down though my stats on Amazon have been plummeting, in individual categories they are staying strong. Hopefully soon I can pay Amazon and get my ads rolling again because when they were, the books were rocking up the charts.

Whatever happens I accept this as my new destiny. It actually started here, writing was my passion from a very very young age but my upbringing was anti-art as a viable career option. I acquiesced but oddly enough I might in the end thank the criminals who with their crime against me got me writing fiction again as my only survival tool.  I sure hope so. Thanks for listening to my rant.

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