Friday, August 16, 2019

To all the impatient indie authors

Like me, heck like most of us, we want a quick result. But don't blame yourself, I'm not, because that is what seems should happen given what we all have seen before becoming an indie author.

I read a post on Goodreads a few weeks ago and it talked about the "successful plan" that a big publisher enacted to get a new book to soar once it was released. The article was written as if any one of us could replicate it but on it's face that wasn't true. First, they had massive connections already established with a giant herd of those that "write reviews". They also had the cash to send all the books out to everyone of them and tens of thousands of dollars to do even more advertising announcing the reviews they received before the actual launch from their established network.

My heart sunk when I read this, it seemed the odds were against indie authors like me that don't have stacks of cash like big publishers do, or the large network of those that given a book will not only review it but also publish that review in a significantly large circulation publication. 

In time and thinking more about it I realized that being an indie author that is making sales and getting reads regularly on all my books is a stellar magnificent achievement because it didn't have that large net of publicity and still my books are making it. It's been now almost 8 months since I launched as an indie author and at this point my books get reads and sales every day even without Amazon reviews.

I am at chapter five on my next novel and ultimately decided I would write the novel before I write the screenplay. The reason I decided that is because it's my roots and though writing screenplays is fun and I did finish two of them, it's time to return to the novel. When the novel is done and launched I will write the screenplay for it, I think.

So if you are an indie author that like all of us have those moments of wondering whether you can ever get there being indie, you can. It takes longer because we don't have stacks of cash but if you have a good story those stories will be found by readers. Just keep at it so they can all find your great book!

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