Monday, April 29, 2019

I'm not naming names

As I dig deeper into the online world experience being an indie author I realized the truly bizarre is going on. But I'm not naming names because if I do apparently those companies are going to swoop in, read it, judge it and decide my fate. If they don't like what I've posted even if it's the mildest of rants, there will be a negative affect. I will be punished.

When I first heard this I didn't believe that any company had people behind a desk somewhere looking at everything online that mentions their name. Weren't they just busy doing whatever that business does that got them to success? Their product got them there, not anything else.

In every relationship including business relationships there are the ups and down  Nothing doesn't have that experience in some way or another when it's a relationship extended over time. But if we don't get to vent, we don't get to complain, we don't get to speak out, without being punished by these companies that is just bizarre.

But it's true and so incredibly true that I even went as far as communicating with one company through an unconnected forum. They responded by reacting to my posts by making a change within their own platform that I referred to in my post. I thanked them for the fix in the forum and it's been smooth sailing ever since. However, recently and last week, I commented on something unfair that a company is doing and it's not even debatable.

Okay I am in the game, so I must comply because my novels deserve their best shot into the universe of readers. So I'm not naming names here,  I'm just venting about the bizarre reality in the online indie world that I live in.

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