Sunday, June 16, 2019

An Explosion of Epic Porportions

After weeks of helping family life exploded into a reality that no one wants to see. It felt good every step of the way doing what I knew as the right thing, a good deed, for all the right reasons. If life was simple, outside of tearing time away from my writing career, it would have been a fairy tale existence. Then a dark truth appeared, first slowly in small ways and the kind of ways you shrug and say nothing because you aren't sure or you don't want to see that or it's just not enough to react. Finally the bomb comes, a great big huge nuclear explosion of truth that hit me in the gut so hard I am trying to recover from it still.
Abuse is happening and that abuse is hurting too many dear hearts to me and I did what I had to do, I stood up against it, said no to it and now I am hoping the one that really needs to put an end to it will. Abuse isn't pretty, funny, it isn't clever, it is a great darkness that needs courage and strength to escape. I am only hoping that the ones that need to escape it have that strength. I can't do it for them, they have to do it themselves. I can only show them what you do when that same abuse is directed at me, stand up and say no to it and show them the truth of it.
I am sticking around to remain a support even though part of me wants to run away from it now. But I won't,  I will stay strong and help by staying around, which the abuser doesn't want of course. Writing is my passion so I am returning full time to writing while I am hoping being a guiding light can break my dear ones free.

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