Friday, June 21, 2019

The story continues...last chapter

For those following this story as is typical in abusive situations denial is present by those being abused. Anyone that brings it to the forefront generally is fought as being wrong because the one being abused has difficulty facing it. Shame, embarrassment, failure and other thoughts run through the mind of those being abused because they have been set up to doubt themselves and this truth by the abuser.

In my life I have met two women that lost their daughters to violent abusers and they tried everything to detach their daughters to the abusers before they met their terrible fate. The abuse I am talking about is emotional but it is still abuse.

For everyone that is dealing with abuse in a relationship you in the end must save yourself and love yourself enough to do it. It's not easy for anyone and you have to be strong but once you are out of it you will see that life is always better. Whether you have kids or not, you should not stay in an abusive relationship. It is not real love and never will be though most abusers will tell you they love you deeply especially after abuse has happened.

Life is long, but not long enough to sustain abuse in a relationship. If you are experiencing abuse in your relationship get out as a better life without abuse awaits you. You will be more successful, happier and realize fully that you are worthy of happiness. If you have kids they will be happier too and be grateful to you for saving them.

I being someone who experienced it in my own life and witnessed it recently with a loved one have done what I can and stood up against it. I am now in the backlash of my dear one being mad that I have said anything at all about it. But I know the truth of abuse and know I did the right thing. Now it's up to them to save themselves and hopefully they will before they waste too many years trying to make a bad relationship into a good one and that of course will never happen as it never will be with abusive relationships.

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