Monday, June 24, 2019

Back in the writing saddle...a sneak peek

Well everyone, I am back to writing full time and right now in the middle of my fourth chapter of my next science fiction novel. I am adjusting the chapter a bit because I love to keep the action going in all my novels. I gave the details of the first few to a few people and they were mesmerized with the story as I told it and loved it wanting more = always a good sign.

Long way to go to finish it of course but so far we have a mixture of aliens and a trio of elite human space force characters that are saving aliens. Can't say more about it just yet because there are so many writers out there and I want to keep the plot line secret so it's not heisted before I finish it.

Sales are still above average so I am pleased with that and love watching people on Kindle Unlimited go through my novels quickly which for me means they can't put it down for long. I am just 6 months into being an indie author and people are getting to know my writing which is the biggest challenge for any indie author.

I am sticking with being only available on Amazon because they are the biggest seller online of books and their support is stellar. I appreciate every single reader of my novels and am grateful to each of them. Without readers there would be no writers, no authors and you can't tell a long novel story around a campfire. So keep reading and I will keep writing so that you will enjoy getting away to another planet, another dimension of time, another world for a while.

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