Thursday, January 24, 2019

Return to Limerick...Amazon is getting it


Just a week ago I put The Earthlings up on Amazon. Days after that I put up The Fable of Eve. Within days after that I had a great response and am humbly grateful.

After sitting in what now feels like the dark in formal literary submissions the lights came on. Now life itself brightened because of the public response. Thank you again and no there can never been enough times for that.

I have weeks to go before anyone technically gives up on the formal literary publication world on a "manuscript'; it's called a novel once it's published. But I don't think I am going to wait that long because I am getting excited about adding it to Amazon.

Return to Limerick is a fantasy tale of animals living in a beautiful garden in Limerick Ireland in the mid 1800s. After finding out the horrible witch that owns the garden is back they decide to fight back.

Gizelda is the witch that owns the house and the garden. She moves around the world returning to each home every 100 years or so. She is happy to return to her childhood home and hopes she can stay. Witch hunts are a thing of the past in the mid 1800s and there is even a magic shop in the town by now.

But when things start going wrong for her she doesn't suspect the garden animals and goes after the neighbors for it all.

 Gizelda has a secret and as long as she keeps it she survives. She is very powerful and confident and all of her major adversaries, an Egyptian princess, a Roman soldier an African Chieftain among others, are trapped in her magic book. Once they are released she has more trouble on her hands.

The main focus of the story is between the animals and Gizelda's dog. Toad is the garden leader and wants to hide his lack of courage from the others. Snake is courageous and romantic and gopher isn't as courageous and wants to be seen as a leader but really just wants it all to be over with so he can go back to digging holes.

These are only a few of the myriad of animal characters mixed with magic into a wonderful fantasy tale. Young to old will appreciate this story that has an ending that everyone will love.

This is the novel you can read to your children and enjoy the story with them. Being a longer novel you can make it special evenings over time that you both look forward to. I expect to launch Return to Limerick next week!

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