Friday, February 8, 2019

An Ode to the Passing of Google+ into oblivion

Google+ is shutting down,
Couldn't stand that they weren't wearing the
highest crown,
But I'm going to miss my Google+ town,
It wasn't gigantic enormous like Twitter,
Felt smaller but that made them feel bitter,
So they said no no no,
We can't be low low low,
It's all about grow grow grow,
Google+ has soul,
That algorithms can't know.

Hundreds of thousands in the sci fi group,
Bigger than any other troupe,
In the sharing it all www sci fi group,
But Google+ couldn't see that
tasty unique soup,
Algorithms decide or dupe?

Now I'm roaming to other lands,
Trying to find that same sand,
But unique can't be replicated,
When thumbs down become dedicated,
To numbers and rules,
That make most tools,
But don't hold the rule,
Of all that's cool.

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