Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Over 1000 readers have read my stories!

I realized today after roaming through my online hangouts and before I leaped into outer space to continue creating my next science fiction novel, that I have now had over 1000 people read my stories.

That's is a great feeling especially since no one has crapped on my writing yet. I laugh about it with my significant other saying "I'm their dirty little G secret" referencing readers who have read my stories and don't comment. Not all my stories are G but all my novels are so far. I don't mind the lack of reviews because I am one of those people too;  I don't really do them.

All that Amazon cares about in rankings is sales so thank you to all those Amazon and Kindle readers that keep my novels going strong. Also thank you to all my readers online who are enjoying my work and not crapping on it.

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