Monday, March 25, 2019

Editing Madness

I finished my latest story, a science fiction novella. Sorry I haven’t visited here for a bit but I have been deep into that edit.
I wrote an adult science fiction and right now I am in the wonder what will happen phase of this writer experience, while I edit. Can a science fiction novella that has no humans, no one from earth involved, satisfy science fiction fans? I’m hoping so but my other science fiction novel is still rocking so I am confident sci fi fans will like this story too.
When I finish the edit on this one it will be my fourth published novel and I have so many short stories up now that even when I look at it I say, “hey I am a writer” as if I didn’t know that before? Madness is part of each of us and we all know it. I accept that, what do you do with it?
But that process of editing despite the madness of it, results in changes that enhances the story so more will understand not misunderstand. Some will always misunderstand it is an inevitable reality. But I, as all writers do, write with twisted fervor to achieve the impossible despite reality and that is a madness in and of itself.
I look up at the clock, it’s 4pm I don’t want to go back to editing, back to that intense focus on each and every sentence. I am going to tell myself I am done for the day. I did a chapter and that takes me almost a whole day so 4pm sounds like a good time to stop.
Looking forward to getting my edit done soon and being freed from this madness. If you want to join the launch team and get a free copy of the science fiction novella I am working on just message me. Write on everyone!

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