Friday, March 15, 2019

The Crazies that hide within

Okay so let's start from the start, you want to be a writer and that alone puts you in the crazy section of our world society unless you what? Make it big? Writing is as bizarre as the ancient pics carved in stone. The Internet has expanded the contribution to our civilizations intensily, which is good. Who wants to hear from the few when they can pick from the many? Too many? Cream always floats to the top, don't worry. 

Once upon a time there were a few cave people, let's be real no one knows if it was a man or woman who carved the pics in old stone, all we know is someone did it. Let's just go with we are here and if you and I are here that means that a whole lot of people over a whole lot of time had to not only survive but have a baby and care for that baby well enough so it would grow up and have more babies, so you could be here today.

Okay so here we are so far long and our online community has expanded our cave drawings exponentially where ultimately everyone has a voice, a message, they can send out to the world. No holds barred, damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead!

Now the only question is how do you handle that? I say take a break from what the 1% in the literary and mainstream critic world has "decided" through critics what you should read. I say support indie authors and explore the universe of cave drawings that have expanded through indie authors who no one controls the message, the dialogue, the story you hear, read, experience.

There is no greater liberty and freedom then choice and the expansion of it because of liberty as long as liberty is what the end goal is beautiful. So get out there and enjoy your beautiful life that took a whole lot of people being strong enough to ultimately get you to you.

I have a ton of cave drawings I am writing my fourth novel and have 14 short stories and a couple of poems including a limerick up on you can check that out here and they are all free to read if you want to get a flavor for my own cave drawings. WL Wright Bookies Profile Page

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