Friday, April 12, 2019

The Organic Writing Path Where Numbers Mean Something Different

Today I had a brief conversation with a writer friend and told him about my results on Iolon Star during its free download period. He tipped his head and I knew what it meant, he was thinking "that's not viral!".

He has been writing, and he is a good writer but hasn't published anything yet and we don't exist within the same generations. So I let him know, based on what I do, an organic free book campaign on my new release that consists of purely social media platforms and forums and only a heartbeat of notice, not 15 week planning with a giant budget, my results are above the average.

I am happy with that and he was confused by my happiness.

When you go organically where big money doesn't exist the little guy story begins. But that little guy story is different than most of us want to accept but I accept the challenge because I must.

I have seen plenty of come and goes, bloggers, writers and the challenge is extreme but the choice for me isn't a choice. I write because I have always have and heck I am on a writing hiatus/vacation and still writing and launching my latest novel.

Cheers Everyone! Thanks for your support! Read on! Write On! Forever Indie, W.L. Wright

The FREE period for Iolon Star is still going on today Friday April 12 until midnight so take a free getaway to a different galaxy.  IOLON STAR FREE DOWNLOAD

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