Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Wedding

I knew it was over right there. It was a beautiful wedding but it was all a lie. The groom was a scandalous bachelor and this wasn’t as real as it needed to be. He wasn’t all that, but he exuded confidence that attracted women. But all his masculine friends made fun of him relentlessly. This woman was his victory to show his friends he was worthy as a man.

His new wife was beautiful and she didn’t deserve what was coming. But I knew it with certainty. How did I know? I knew him and I was already married to one of his letch friends.

I felt it as I watched her beautiful dress whisk by me with her beautiful young friends. They all seemed so happy but I knew this happiness wouldn’t last. The wedding was in a beautiful old hotel, romantic all on it's own with wedding decorations that were beautiful enough to appear in a wedding magazine. But all that beauty was being lost on the fact that he was a letch and he wouldn’t treat her right. He would surely let her down.

He did, he let her down and it was quicker than I ever thought it would happen after such a glorious wedding that tons of money was clearly spent on. I knew it wouldn’t be long but six months after that beautiful wedding she was saved from a longer term of unhappiness than that beauty deserved.

I was happy for her, sad for him but knew he deserved it. I am sure that he felt that cozy place with her but he didn’t know how to give, he only knew how to take and how to play up to his friends so he could earn his worthiness. They defined him, he didn’t define himself.

That was a long time ago, so long I am surprised I remember it but I do. Probably because the romance that all women long for eludes me. I knew that day she wouldn’t get it either at least not from that guy. That bride, that hoped for it and created an atmosphere that perfected its hope. But she, like so many of us, picked the wrong guy.

Okay guys, calm down now, I see you too. You have your heart in there too and you will surely be thinking how much and how many women have hurt that tender heart inside you that you try hard to hide behind that masculinity we women also crave from you.

But that balance of love and being the man you need to be is a fine line that only so many can achieve. Your animal is not what we crave, well sometimes, but we want that tender romantic heart so don’t forget to give that to us and you will get back more than you dreamed for that tender heart of yours.

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