Thursday, October 11, 2018

Melissa and the Mob

By Wanda Wright

It had been years since it happened, but still not out of the horror of the after affects of losing everything, each day was a difficult struggle just to survive. Over five years ago Melissa was targeted by organized crime.

It wasn’t a scheme that anyone knew about, not even Melissa, a hardworking attorney that won every case and championed the little guy to victory after victory. When it all happened it seemed it would go like any other case. But Melissa didn’t figure out that the mob was behind it all until it was much too late and her own life was at stake. Running away and going underground, wasn’t what she wanted to do, it was her only option.

Not being a criminal like those that were running after her, mistakes were made because there was a learning curve to this lifestyle. More than once she almost died leaving just before the hit men showed up. She couldn’t get a job because if she did they would find her.  So she turned to writing, a profession that can keep people anonymous and maybe give her back the life that was stolen from her.

The mob didn’t like the fact that Melissa was getting away and that she fought back. No one did that, no outsider that wasn’t part of an organized crime mob family ever succeeded in staying alive when they wanted a person dead. She couldn’t find any help from law enforcement after she figured out who they were.  Law enforcement were paid off by the mob, they helped them succeed against Melissa, harassing her relentlessly while she tried to fight back in the early days and all throughout her fight. 

Their front guy for this scheme hunted for victims on the Internet, using different names, different ages and dressing up to look like a female. He hunted for people with money that would pay him when he threatened them with ruining their entire life. Several mobsters handled massive postings of false claims about the person at once so the only thing that would ever come up about the person was their vicious life destroying lie.

Then there were the calls, day and night and text messages that never stopped. They killed Melissa’s animals, followed her, even went to neighbors and got them to join in to harass Melissa day and night for years while she tried to put an end to the whole operation through the court.

Court judges who were heartless and always wanted to cover their own ass were abundant but Melissa knew how to deal with them and she did, until all the pressure came tumbling down around her and she ran. The mob paid the judge off too and this judge did something no other judge did in all the times they tried it before, gave them millions of dollars. It was all a lie, but Melissa’s life was under threat and staying alive became more important than what the judge would do. Melissa told the judge who they were, and there was lie after obvious lie in the things they filed that the judge ignored because they paid judge too.

A friend sent the letter from some other place, so they couldn’t find out where Melissa was and to send them off track in finding her. She hoped the judge would get it; understand that when your life is threatened you don’t show up for a scheduled appointment the mob knows about. That is how you die fast and easy, and one thing Melissa was sure about, is that they weren’t going to kill her that easy.

As the years went by she thought that they would burn out in trying to find her. But she learned that the mob doesn’t burn out; they stay at it, relentless in trying to prove to everyone that when they come calling you need to pay up and shut up or you’re dead.

Going from a life where hard work paid more than most people every experienced to poverty wasn’t easy but she did it. Every day typing away the stories that filled her head trying to forget the past until one day. On the day that everything changed Melissa was almost ready to go beg in the street for money, she decided that prison would be a better life and she could take them out, do the job law enforcement corrupted and irreverent wouldn’t do. Doing all the right things hadn’t paid off, it was time to do wrong, give into it, and be freed from living in the underground broke and running all the time.

Hunting them wasn’t easy, she staked them out for weeks on end before she had her plan. She would take them out one by one, she would be the hit man, but she wasn’t doing it for money, she was doing it for all the good people. Melissa had always helped everyone and she realized that this was her opportunity to live that life again and it felt right.

She learned how to shoot and spent a long time practicing until she was confident that it would only take one bullet. Melissa knew that she would only have one shot at any of them or they would kill her instead.

The nightclub was across the street from where she set up on the top floor of a large office building. She broke into an abandoned office suite at night and no one but a few workaholics were working there at this time. No one saw her come in and she was covered head to toe in black with a hoodie that was large enough to cover her face unless someone really wanted to know who she was. People here worked like she used to, dedicated to a fault and ignoring the world around them.

She saw him after just moments from setting up and being ready, her scope revealing her target clearly. He was one of the main perps, the one she wanted the most and she couldn’t believe her luck.  He was laughing with others and she recognized another one that she wanted badly. He contacted her and pretended to be a victim keeping tabs on everything that she did or was going to do. She found out about his connection when she saw an online video with them together, like dear old friends years later.

The scope was clean and perfect and the gun felt good in her hands. Justice had failed her and she was ready to make things right. She decided to take them both out and knew she could do it. The third guy, she didn’t know but it didn’t matter, this is where the criminal hung out so if she hit him it that would be fine with her, he was probably rotten too and deserved it.

Her finger on the trigger she held her breath and squeezed and one fell but before he even hit the ground she squeezed the trigger again and the other one fell, just for good measure she squeezed again and the third one fell too. She watched through her scope for any sign of life. Melissa wanted to make sure they were dead and gone.  The rush of justice was incredible, she felt better than she had felt in years.

She could see the blood pooling on the sidewalk as life left the three of them. Once she was sure they were dead she gathered her stuff and left down the stairs and out the back running down the block to her car just as she had planned. Melissa was smiling all the way and she saw that no one was chasing after her. She was grateful that this city was cold and inhumane for the first time in her life as no one came out to help them or hunt her.

Melissa was in her car now, she sped to the freeway always looking for someone following her but there was no one.

“What took you so long Melissa?” she heard a voice say and when she turned to look an angel was sitting in the passenger seat.

Melissa almost lost control of the car at her shock at seeing an angel at all, especially after shooting those three men dead.

“Relax, I have always been with you, protecting you,” the angel said his features were made from light but were defined and his wings were tucked behind him like a bird who isn’t in flight.

“What, who are you? I would think that at this point I am going in the other direction,” Melissa said still in shock but not enough to not talk to the being next to her.

“No, you were meant to end these criminals and we all knew you would get there. This is a battle, good versus evil, and those men were evil, working for the other side, you know the devil. You work for our side, always have, and you know that right?” the angel said matter of factly as if Melissa would understand.

“Well I tried to but I was pretty sure your side wouldn’t be on my side for this one,” Melissa said taking her hoody off her head now that she was far away and speeding down the freeway.

“No, you have always been on our side, sorry you had to do this, but now you have done what we wanted and well, don’t worry about a thing, you are free,” the angel replied.

“Free? Did I die? Am I dead?” Melissa responded taking her hand off the wheel touching herself to confirm she was still alive.

“Yes, you actually didn’t make it out of there, they came in and killed you before you left the building. But we thought we would give you a break and at least let you think you got away clean. You deserved that after all you have been through, we know it’s not easy being on our side,” the angel said smiling at her now.

After that a bright light filled the car and Melissa was freed forever going up to heaven. When she got there, she had wings and looked just like the angel that had appeared in her car.

“Work isn’t over Melissa but from up here it’s a lot better than from down there,” she heard a voice say and she saw it was Jesus.

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