Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Try again...a limerick

Little Jane,
Was quite a pain,
She was so vain.
That everyone sang,
Please oh please Jane,
Stop being a pain,
Being so vain,
You might have a
Great brain,
But we need you to be,
A humble crane.

Jane was annoyed,
She thought others,
Were her toy,
To bring her joy.

One day the town,
Gave Jane,
All their frowns.
Trying to bring her down,
To the level of
the town.

Jane said screw you,
Don't you dig,
What I do?

The town people got mad,
Only a few were sad,
The rest became crazed,
Wanted her tazed.

Jane left the town,
With a sad  frown,
And grabbed her crown.

Ten years went by,
The town people
Oh Jane why did you
It gives us,
The heaves.

Jane replied with the glee,
Because you didn't see,
The gift in me,
Instead your were peeved,
At me being me.

Jane went on,
Singing her successful
The town stayed the same,
Cursing Jane's name,
Jane just called them,

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