Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Writer's Dream Comes True

Going from the literary submission world to the self-publishing world has been the best thing I could have done. Having a large number of people reading your stories is a writer's dream come true. I have only become a self published author for a month but it's been a great month.

I did have some short stories online before I self published my novels on Amazon and I had the Fable of Eve on with constant readers. But since the online community reaction I posted more of short stories and I realized I had a growing subscriber list on where I post my short stories.

Of course if the online community had cut my stories or writing to shreds then I wouldn't be writing this right now. But that's not what happened and though I only have a few reviews they are 5 star and stellar. Before self-publishing I got either crickets or I'm on the fence but no, and that was it.

Not a single agent ever criticized my writing and I thought that was par for the course until I noted other authors mentioning they got criticism on their writing. So I was happy I didn't get that criticism and it encouraged me to self publish.

So I have gone from crickets to the real public reaction to my stories and it is my dream come true. I am thankful to everyone who has read my stories and of course purchased my books. I work hard at every story I write to make it a worthy experience for the reader. I love writing and am really glad that my writing has been accepted by the only people that count, the public.

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