Friday, March 1, 2019

What A Wild Week! Being an Indie Author is a WIld Experience and I Love It!


I haven't posted for a while here but that's because being an Indie Author is a full time job. This week I got to my eighth chapter on my new book done and participated in more online communities than I can count. I am doing this post because I am taking a break.

Please don't think I am complaining because when I role around in the online communities there is so much going on it keeps my brain fired up and helps me take the break I need to write on.

I try to imagine that world in the past when a writer in the olden ages went mad writing incessantly alone with only a bar break or a church break. Online communities are first a requirement for authors and I went into it kind of kicking and screaming but it turned into a different experience where I have to admit I love putting my two cents into the mix of humanity whatever the result or affect.

Before I became an indie author only a tiny group in the publishing world ever read my work and then when I became an indie author the whole world was reading my work and that IS wild. I have never had so many people read my stories in my life and I am at 1500 people who have read my stories novels and short stories. That is the most ever that have read my writing and I think that is not only great but it's also wild and accentuates the greatness of the online world.

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